Turbo Prop Charter

turbo prop private charter services company

The versatility of chartering a turboprop plane means it can reach any small rural runway up to and including large airports. Even though turboprops are smaller that doesn't mean you sacrifice on luxury. We can offer you the same perks with a turboprop charter than with any of our other larger jets.

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Name Passenger Capacity Baggage Capacity Max Speed
Fairchild (Swearingen) Merlin 6 NA 340 mph
King Air C90 6 NA 247 mph
King Air E90 6 NA 250 mph
King Air B100 8 NA 243 mph
Super King Air 200 8 NA 289 mph
King Air 350 10 NA 315 mph
Pilatus PC12 7 NA 315 mph
Piaggio 180 7 NA 450 mph
Piper Cheyenne 6 NA 326 mph